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Biogas Europe, 21-23 juin à Milan

Following successful editions in Austria, Belgium and the UK, Green Power Conferences are pleased to announce that the 7th international biogas networking conference will take place in Milan. 

The event will create a networking platform for the European biogas industry, policy makers and potential investors to examine growth strategies and technological advances in biogas production.
Delegates will learn from best practice case studies from both mature and emerging markets and gain a clear understanding of the current regulatory framework, investment criteria, project start up requirements, plant optimisation and upgrading biogas for injection into national gas grids.


21 June, Pre-conference Workshop

* Introduction to biogas
* Anaerobic digestion 101
* Setting up biogas plants step by step
* Optimising existing plants
* Upgrading biogas for injection into national gas grids

Agenda outline

22 June – Day 2
Unlocking the potential of Pan-European biogas production

Session 1: The Increasing Importance of Biogas in the EU Energy Strategy

* What role is biogas playing in the renewable energy supply chain?
* What key developments have occurred in the past year in the EU and international biogas markets?
* What are the future opportunities and challenges for the biogas industry?
* Which way should biogas develop? Cogeneration, transportation or building a gas grid?

Session 2: National Action Plans & Strategies
* Overview of National Action Plans
* What are the latest policy and regulation updates?
* What are the schemes to increase biogas production?
* How can biogas legislation be improved from the developers’ perspective?

Session 3: Finance & Investment in Biogas
* What are the incentives in the market and how are these trends going to change?
* What are the key assessments in financing and investing in biogas projects?
* What are the different activities public funds and private funds are involved in?
* How can developers increase the attractiveness of their projects to potential investors?
* Cost and efficiency analysis of different types of biogas plants and feedstock
* Where should you invest in the entire biogas supply chain in different markets?

Session 4: Project Planning & Development

* What key elements should be considered when planning a biogas project?
* What are the main challenges regarding environmental permitting and land use?
* How can developers limit potential risk mitigation in biogas projects?
* How can developers set up power purchase agreements?
* How to carry out biogas plant feasibility and economic viability studies?

23 June – Day 2
Optimising biogas plants

Session 5: Agricultural Biogas Production

* What experiences can be learnt from producing biogas from animal manure?
* What are the opportunities for gasifying high yield perennial energy crops?
* What are the technology choices? Dry or wet fermentation?
* How to optimise biogas systems for agricultural feedstocks?
* What are the key steps to achieve economies of scale for farm-scale anaerobic digestion?
* What are the distribution and storage criteria?

Session 6: Biogas from Organic Waste, Industrial Waste & Waste Water
* How can biogas better solve the problems with municipality waste?
* What experiences can be learnt from producing biogas from landfill waste?
* What different approaches should be applied with organic, industrial and household waste?
* What is the potential for production of biogas from sewage treatment plants
* Innovations in industrial biogas production

Session 7: Biogas in Transportation

* What is the reality of mass use of biogas in vehicles?
* What incentives are there in different EU states?
* Biomethane as a road transport fuel: a solution for low carbon transportation?
* Innovations in transportation biogas production, storage, fuelling and distribution

Session 8: Biogas Heating & Cogeneration
* How big in reality is the biogas heating and cogeneration market?
* Commercial case studies in large scale biogas heat and electricity production
* What industrial applications are there for biogas CHP production?
* What technologies are available for biogas cogeneration: internal combustion, gas turbines, and fuel cells?

Session 9: Biogas Upgrading & Grid Connection
* Is biogas in the grid the ultimate goal for the biogas industry?
* What are the challenges of upgrading biogas for grid distribution?
* What hurdles are there to ensure biogas quality?
* What commercial technologies are available for removing contaminants from biogas?
* What national standards and procedures should be introduced for biogas injection?

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